Meal Prep

We are here to help you get healthy! But why butter? We whip our own butter daily from heavy cream sourced locally from A2/A2 grass-fed cows. Our butter and dairy is rich in essential omega 3 fatty acids, CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), Vitamin A, and lectin. Our menu is full of options that use these and other healthy fats instead of processed sugar and other foods that are high in excess carbohydrates.

Butter it up! is committed to serving you only the highest quality ingredients possible. We source all our eggs, meats, dairy, and vegetables as locally as possible from farms and growers that use organic practices and take pride in what they do.

Bet you didn’t know our menu is 100% gluten free. But don’t let that fool you, our food is DELICIOUS

Our meals are the perfect balance of healthy fats(F), healthy carbs(C), and proteins(P) from healthy animals. Need some extra carbs or protein on heavy workout days? We got you!

Our weekly menu comes out every Monday with several meal options for you to choose from. Select what you want by Saturday and we will prepare them for you to pick up or ship out the following Tuesday. Meals are sold refrigerated and will be good for at least 5 days. If you will not use them within the date provided, we recommend that you freeze them. The containers are microwave safe or you can remove the meals from container to heat in oven or toaster oven.

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